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ANNOUNCING THE 2018 HAMAKER AWARD RECIPIENT Citizens Against BSL (Breed Specific Legislation)

We are very excited to recognize them for all their hard work with stopping the breed ban in Springfield. Many people don't realize that this was a first for our country. No other city across the United States has ever pulled that off! Every time the city passed a ban and it went to the voters, they have voted to keep the ban. So for Springfield to not only prevent the ban at the polls, but to do so with a nearly 70% vote, it's a HUGE accomplishment!!

Citizens Against BSL was created with the goal of ending breed-specific legislation in Springfield, Missouri.

On October 2nd, 2017 we were ready for the ban to pass and had already formed a Facebook group for the purpose of a referendum petition. The night of the vote we had around 70 members. That number skyrocketed to over 1300 in the days following the vote.

The day after the vote, we met with the city clerk to get the final wording for the referendum petition and in less than 24 hours after the vote, it was printed and the first signature was collected.

Having just 30 days to collect and notarize signatures of registered voters within the city limits, the group turned in the referendum petition with nearly 8,000 signatures (almost 4 times the needed amount) on October 31, 2017. It was certified on November 20, 2017.

After going back to City Council for another vote and passing it - that forced the issue to be on the August 7, 2018 ballot.

Citizens Against BSL was responsible for funding their own campaign, finding donors, canvassing, targeting voters, complying with political regulations and reporting, recruiting and training volunteers, marketing, advertising, etc.

They also got national backing from huge animal powerhouses such as the ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society, Animal Farm Foundation, The Humane Society of the United States, our local rescue groups, and lots of local businesses.

Citizens Against BSL was accomplished what no one else in the country has been able and in turn, has saved a LOT of lives and a lot of tax payers' money.

Meet the Team....
Amber McBride - Citizens Against BSL
ANDREA ROACH - Treasurer
MADISON WEILER - Bark the Vote 
CARRIE GALVAN - Fundraising 
KATHY LARKIN - Deputy Treasurer 

Join us at our 10th Annual Project Puppy Gala on October 6th in congratulating Citizens Against BSL with our highest honor of the Hamaker Award!!