BARC Program

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BARC Program


Join the Killuminati Foundation’s BARC! program to help spread the word about our amazing rescued dogs available for adoption!! - BARC! stands for Business And Rescue Coalition.) We’re looking for your company or community involved organization to join BARC!


There is NO COST, it’s all about networking. At the beginning of each month, your team is assign one of our rescues to spread the word about him/her. You can be as creative as they’d like to promote your dog!!


We focus on foster based rescues so these dogs are dependent on how hard we work for them to find their forever homes. BARC! is about the ripple effect!


To find out more about the benefits of joining BARC! or to sign up, email Kat  today at!!

If you'd like to donate to the Killuminati Foundation to continue helping us save lives and make a difference in the lives of families, you can donate through PayPal here on our website ( or contact us for an address to send a check.


We appreciate all of your support to make KF possible!!