2017 Hamaker Award Winner-Leigh Moody


We are SUPER excited to announce this year's Hamaker Lifetime Achievement Recipient who will be honored at Project Puppy Gala - 9th Annual Gala....Drum Roll Please.... And the winner is....Leigh Moody!! While many people know Leigh for her time at KSPR/KY3 and for Leigh's Lost and Found, many people don't realize that her involvement with animal welfare goes back to her days in Florida with the SPCA down there. Here's a little more about Leigh....[scroll down]

Leigh Moody came to Springfield in 2010 and currently works for the KSPR/KY3 newsroom. She can be seen Monday through Friday on KSPR at 11am and 4pm. Each week, Leigh features a different dog in need of a loving home to help spread the word about dogs in need as well as the importance of adoption.


Long before she became a news anchor, Leigh was a huge animal lover and activist. She had always wanted to combine her two passions and she got the chance when she partnered with Springfield Animal Control in March of 2012 to create Leigh’s Lost and Found. The goal was to get the word out better to the community about where to look and who to contact when you've lost a pet.


Along with featuring an animal control dog every Monday on KSPR News at 4, Leigh also decided to go a step further and create the Leigh's Lost and Found Facebook page. She set it up so anyone could go on and post a lost or found animal to spread the word through social media. Leigh checks out and approves each post, then posts front page submissions throughout the day, every day of the week.

She had no idea how quickly it would take off. The page boasts almost 50,000 fans and through their viral sharing, the Lost and Found page is able to reunite animals every day. Thousands of pets have been reunited over the past five and a half years. After working on it by herself for more than two years, Leigh discovered she needed help since daily submissions had increased to between 20-30 a day. She now runs the page along with a number of volunteer administrators who post submissions every day on their free time. Leigh’s Lost and Found is truly a grassroots movement, combining social media, the community and countless hours of dedication.


We are very excited to have Leigh in our community to help bring light to animal welfare, rescue, the importance of spay/neuter, animals in need of loving homes, and helping the community reunite with their pets. To have one of the good gals working on our side who also has lots of avenues to expose issues and share what's really going on it a huge advantage for animals in Southwest Missouri, and we appreciate it. Please join us on Oct 7th at Project Puppy Gala - 9th Annual Gala to honor Leigh Moody.

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We appreciate all of your support to make KF possible!!